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Why choose Scootz for your E-scooter purchase?

Want a reliable, hassle-free and enjoyable experience of purchasing an e-scooter? Then look no further, Scootz has the perfect platform for you. We are driven by our desire to offer you the best products and personalised buying advice, whilst having a positive impact on commuting and travel.

With e-scooters taking over the streets all over the world, it’s no wonder everyone is jumping on the bandwagon. Be it for nostalgia, convenience or environmental impact, we are all aware of the reasons one would purchase an electric scooter. Then why should you choose Scootz?

Pioneers in UK e-scooter community

With 4 years in the industry, we’ve established a company with individuals passionate about e-scooters and the environmental aspects involved. To further connect such like-minded people, we have our blog and news section to keep them up to date about all the latest information.

Based in the UK

We’re located right here in the UK. This not only reduces the delivery time but also the carbon footprint. We do whatever we can in helping the environment. Plus, you have the convenience of having our team close by to provide any support possible.

Reputable Distributor

You can find dozens of websites on the internet selling e-scooters but the truth is, they aren’t as reliable as you’d think. Issues such as noisy electric motors, battery faults, bad wheel orientation and cheap construction problems arise which isn’t worth spending your hard-earned money on. We are committed in helping you get your money’s worth, without compromising on quality.

Fast & Reliable Delivery

We are aware of the agony and frustration when waiting for an online delivery to arrive. So, the majority of our products have a delivery time of 5-7 days as mentioned in our Shipping Policy but aim to dispatch to you as soon as possible.  We send you an email when your order is dispatched so you can be prepared to receive your package.

Safety First

Prioritising rider and pedestrian safety is key to ensuring safe travel via e-scooters. Our team of technical experts rigorously test and approve each and every e-scooter or e-bike on our website. If a product is deemed unsafe or unreliable, we simply do not sell the product.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We are dedicated to providing our customers with the best personalised experience while shopping with us. We’re more than happy to hear your reviews and improve accordingly. In order to provide the best value for your money, we’ll be with you every step of the way and even compare prices. One of our core values is giving the best possible service, which has ensured over 200+ satisfied customers seen here

UK Warranty

All of our scooters come with a UK warranty. The length of warranty varies by brand and is detailed in the original product listing. However, if unforeseen problems do occur and there is an issue with your scooter, we will take the necessary action as soon as possible. Moreover, our refund and exchange policy is extended to 14 days, which gives you enough time to check whether or not the product is the right fit.

Buy Now, Pay Later!

The commitment of buying an e-scooter can often be a financial burden. To ease yourself of the pressure, we’ve partnered with Klarna Finance, a Swedish payment provider. Now, you can spread the cost of your purchase into monthly instalments within a matter of minutes. View your options with Klarna here.

As you can see, we stand out from the crowd when it comes to e-scooters and e-bikes. Our quality of products and services are unrivalled. So, what are you waiting for? Browse our vast collection of e-scooters or contact us so we can help you join the Scootz revolution!

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