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Ultimate Guide To Maintaining Your E-scooter

Once you experience the joy of riding your new electric scooter, you’ll rarely want to travel any other way. There’s something about the freedom that comes with an electric scooter, that makes you want to go on adventures. 

Simultaneously, you must be conscious of the state of your e-scooter. Your e-scooter is an expensive investment, so you should take very good care of it. To help you keep your e-scooter in the best condition possible, we’ve made a guide on how to maintain your e-scooter.

Here is our expert opinion on how you can take care of your electric scooter:

Assemble your new e-scooter properly 

Before you hop on your ride and start using it as quickly as possible, allocate a portion of your time to go through the instructions properly and assemble your new e-scooter. Screwing on the bolts, attaching the moving parts and checking the battery are just a few important pointers. A hastily assembled electric scooter can lead to unwanted accidents or injuries. So, take your time to properly set it up.

Keep your tyre pressure optimal

For any vehicle, the tyres are the main reason for their mobility. E-scooters come with solid air-filled tyres which are more reliable and mostly come equipped with puncture protection fluid. This ensure for a longer and smoother operation. 

There are many benefits of keeping your tyre pressure optimal, such as smaller chance of punctures, easier vehicle manoeuvring, longer distance travelled, better experience and so much more. Read about the importance of tyre pressures and why you should always maintain a particular pressure.

Scrub your e-scooter clean

E-scooters aren’t built to be used on every terrain, so they usually stay cleaner than other vehicles. However, periodically cleaning your scooter can stop dust or grime jamming your moving parts, brakes or gears which could lead to severe consequences later. Wipe down your scooter carefully, using excessive amounts of water may cause issues with electrical components.

Try not to leave your scooter outside as well, since certain weather conditions like rain, humidity and drought can further degrade the components. Keeping your e-scooter clean is crucial to maintaining its longevity.

Maintain battery health

As with any electrical device, the battery is the key element for its performance. From day one, you must keep your battery charged regularly, when not in use, to extend battery life. Our experts recommend eight hours is ideal for the first time. Moreover, excessive heat can degrade battery capacity so try not to keep your electric scooter outdoors. Charging your battery every day after its use will ensure that you won’t have to replace it soon. Learn how to prolong your battery life here.

Check your brakes 

Brake pads are usually susceptible to wear and tear due to their regular use. Excess grinding on the brake rotor and thinning of brake pads are an indication that they need to be replaced. Sometimes, metallic noises can be heard which are a sign that you should check up on.

Lubricate moving parts often

Your electric scooter is made up of wheels, brakes, folding joints, handles, gears and so much more. Over time, due to constant friction they may degrade thus they must be properly lubricated to avoid rusting. This may lead to replacement of parts or even your scooter. Don’t use household lubricants, make sure to buy specific ones for your electric scooter.

Schedule a servicing appointment

Like any vehicle, e-scooters can eventually be a victim to wear and tear, to avoid any complications that’s subject to wear and tear, so it is advised to bring it in every 6 months or so. Professionals can judge and fix whatever issue might arise and prevent future damage. So, book your appointment in advance, so you never miss out on keep your e-scooter in top shape.
Don’t miss out on a smooth riding experience, follow our exclusive tips and tricks to keep your electric scooters running for a really long time. Worried that you might miss out on getting your own electric scooter? Explore our shop to get yours now!

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