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Should you choose Air-filled or Solid Tyres?

For any vehicle on the road, tyres are the most essential component that help provide it with mobility. Think of it like this, if there were no tyres on your e-scooter, how would you even ride it? They are the only contact point between you and the ground. Unfortunately, the most important part gets overlooked most of the time. But our experts at Scootz are here to help you choose which tyre is perfect for your electric scooter?

E-scooter or e-bike models come fitted with either air-filled or solid tyres. Air-filled tyres have two forms: tubed and tubeless. For both, a cavity is pumped with air to support the tyre, only in tubeless ones, as the name suggests, there is no tube for the air to inflate just like that of a car’s wheel. Both have similar benefits such as better ride experience, easier manoeuvring, less resistance on road and it is even easier to attach. Solid tyres are essentially solid rings of rubber attached round your wheel rims. This enables them to be resistant to punctures. Once you fit them to your vehicle, you rarely need to do any more maintenance overall. 

Considering the benefits both have according to your needs, it is difficult to make a choice for your ideal e-scooter tyre. Moreover, different brands opt to use specific types of tyres for their vehicles. Thus, there are many factors to consider when choosing one type of tyre. However, go through these important factors so that you can make an informed decision. 

Ride experience

Air filled tyres are more adept at handling whatever bumps or hurdles you may come across while on the streets. Plus, even if they end up deforming going over a pothole, their shock absorption makes it so that it still remains an overall smooth ride. They can cushion any impact with ease, which is not as effective in the case for solid tyres. This makes for an overall better experience while riding your electric scooter.

Rolling friction

As mentioned before, air-filled tyres have a lowered rolling friction than solid tyres. Air-filled tyres are lighter and smaller so there is less surface area coming in contact with ground. For e-scooters, the throttle helps in assisting the vehicle to move. So overall resistance is easily overcome by the motor and battery which makes it easier to ride.


Solid tyres are almost impossible to puncture, due to the absence of air in them. Not all solid tyres are as good. For bigger vehicles, solid tyres are thicker and more resistant. Premium tyres have more advanced internal puncture protection mechanism. The better the quality of your tyre, the smaller the chance your tyres might get punctured. Puncture prevention fluid can be inserted in air-filled tyres to help prevent punctures as well.


The inability to puncture solid tyres makes it easier to maintain. Even if it is punctured, it can keep the electric scooter moving along. The wear and tear of solid tyres is significantly slower because of their construction. Their degradation occurs by stripping layers of the tyre, which is the time when you should definitely change it.


Air -filled tyres can easily grip the ground in most situations. Their sticky rubber components help them hold on to the ground as well. Furthermore, as mentioned before, their ease in deforming causes them to maintain a constant contact point with the road so it helps manoeuvre the electric scooter in any circumstance. For air filled tyres, maintaining tyre pressure can also help keep your hold on your scooter.

Simple to fit/remove

Your tyres can be damaged due to natural wear, time or even punctures. Changing a tyre is a tiring task, however when it comes to air-filled tyres, it couldn’t be easier. Their flexible walls allow you to easily remove them from the rims. This also applies when you are trying to put in a new tyre. Yet, their smaller size does make it harder for fittings or removals.

If you feel like you aren’t willing to change a tyre, go to a service repair centre where they can thoroughly check and see what’s wrong and they can even replace your tyre for you.
When compared, it is evident that although solid tyres and air-filled tyres have their own advantages, sir-filled tyres are superior in most aspects. Even in the categories they were beaten out in, there are easy solutions to fixing them. Even our experts recommend fitting air-filled tyres. So, now that you know what sort of tyre you should be looking for, explore our collection to get an electric scooter that will fulfil all your needs.

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