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Reasons to Maintain your Tyre Pressure on E-scooters

Tyres are one of the most fundamental components on your e-scooter. Without them, you could not ride your electric scooter, but we usually overlook the maintenance and care of them. They are the only medium between you and the streets, so they are responsible for the safety and function of your electric scooter.

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Most e-scooters come fitted with air-filled tyres that are known for their many advantages such as a better riding experience, easier manoeuvring and better efficiency. However, these tyres tend to wear out over time. Therefore, you should maintain your tyre pressure for the following reasons:

1 – Avoid punctures

E-scooters have a higher chance of getting a flat tyre because of their smaller size. To avoid any inconveniences, tyres must always be pumped to their optimal pressure as stated. If there is not enough pressure, the tyre cannot hold its shape thus allowing the tyre to deflate. This can allow for any sharp object to easily puncture the tyre.

Most electric scooters operate at an optimal pressure of 40-60 PSI which we can maintain by using a pump. Punctures are a hassle to fix and cause severe monetary damage as you must buy the best quality tyre to avoid another puncture.

2 – Provides ideal grip

Tyres on an e-scooter or e-bike make it easier to manoeuvre the vehicle so that it is safe and enjoyable to ride. If tyres are pumped up and their optimal pressure maintained, the risks of an accident are lower. In some cases, deflated tyres might provide a better grip but more than often not, they operate best at their ideal pressure.

3 – Larger prospective scale

Operating tyres at optimal pressures means there is less resistance between the rider and the ground. The riding experience becomes much smoother especially because the tyres and battery are the parts that are helping you move.

The less effort induced by your battery, the easier it becomes for your electric scooter to travel greater distances. Overall, the other components of the scooter will face a reduced amount of resistance that will reduce their wear and tear. This will keep your tyres in better shape.

4 – Smoother riding experience

The type of tyre you use also affects your riding experience. It is said that air-filled tyres usually provide a better experience. This is because of their inflated tyres being able to withstand any terrain or obstacle very easily. If the pressure is too high, tyres may blow out and if it is too low, a puncture may occur which will result in a bad experience. Thus, maintaining a good tyre pressure can even help improve your ride quality.

5 – No more replacements

Maintaining tyre pressure means your tyres will not wear out as fast, meaning they will last longer and less need for replacements. As previously discussed, low pressure causes tyres to deflate which increases friction between the tyre and the roads. They come out worse for wear. An increased pressure might cause the tyre to blow up meaning you’ll need new tyres.


Fitting in new tyres is a strenuous task for everyone involved, be it a professional or novice. Moreover, small e-scooter tyres add to the difficulty of replacement. This will put a dent in your bank balance especially if you keep on puncturing or blowing out your tyre on a regular basis. If you keep in mind all the points mentioned and look after your tyres, you can have a longer and smoother adventure and spend your money on an even better e-scooter.

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