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In-depth Guide for Purchasing an Electric Scooter

Amidst the rising demand of environment friendly transportation, electric scooters are quickly becoming fan-favourites. They are a fun and quick solution to travelling. With more and more people buying e-scooters, you might get tempted to join the e-scooter revolution as well.

There are many aspects you want to consider when purchasing an electric scooter such as speed, size, weight, range and cost. Through our in-depth guide, we have highlighted what you should look at before making the decision to buy an electric scooter. Our experts test and weigh the pros and cons of each electric scooter to give you unbiased opinion about your choice.

Price: One of the most important factors when buying anything is its price. You should consider how much you are willing to spend on your purchase. Although, there are some additional costs that you may have to bear other than the actual cost of the electric scooter. Although some companies display low prices, they often have high import taxes attached to it which you will have to pay. Moreover, not all retailers offer free delivery so expensive shipping can also cause a financial strain.

Here at Scootz, we offer affordable options as well as paying in instalments using Klarna, a Swedish banking financial service. Learn about what more you can do with Klarna.

Riding Experience: Although you may think an e-scooter looks great, it may not provide the best possible ride quality. Look out for these main factors which determine how your riding experience will be.

The size of your wheels should be about more than 4 inches in radius. The smaller the wheel, the rougher your journey will be. It is likely that your wheel may end up getting stuck in ditches or holes on the road.

The type of tyre fitted on your electric scooter also ensures your experience. Most electric scooters have air-filled tyres that guarantee a smoother ride. Solid tyres also prevent punctures even if you travel on rough terrain. Maintaining tyre pressure is also important for various reasons you can learn about.

Quick Tip: Either get large air-filled wheels or a suspension attached if you intend to travel off track.

Size & Weight: One of the benefits of possessing an e-scooter is its compact size. Accordingly, find the correct size to fit into your space and for you to use, especially when folded down. A big and bulky scooter might hinder your mobility as well. It may be harder to carry around too since it may weigh a bit more than you can handle.

Speed & Range: Most electric scooters have speed limits, it is recommended that a speed of approximately 15mph is maintained. Speed is also dependant on the load the electric scooter has to carry around. Even the road gradient can affect how fast you may be going. Suppose, you are travelling uphill on a e-scooter, it’ll be slower than riding on a flat road. 

Manufacturers will give you an estimated range which you can travel in an amount of time, which is usually considered accurate. Plus, if you’re smart about it, you can extend your range.

Load Capacity: Each electric scooter has a maximum load capacity which determines how much weight it can carry. If the weight goes over, it may cause accidents or hamper your electric scooter’s performance. So carefully consider which scooter will be able to carry you around.

Safety: When riding any moving vehicle, it is important to maintain your safety. Brakes come handy in the case of preventing any injuries or accidents. There are a few types of brakes that come with electric scooter. First are electric brakes which are easier to maintain but not as efficient. Disc and drum brakes wear away over time, yet they are considered to be the best.

Electric scooters are fast, so wearing protective gear such as a helmet is recommended. For your air-filled tyres, puncture protection fluid will lessen the danger of having a puncture. To ensure visibility during night and bad conditions, if your e-scooter doesn’t come with lights, you must attach extra ones. Other than your own safety, you should also make sure your electric scooter doesn’t get damaged or stolen. Make sure to have a lock at hand so no one can take it when unattended.

Quality: China is the main manufacturer for most electric scooters, so there might be a chance that yours may not be as high-quality as you would expect. This means you should make sure to buy yours from a well-known and large manufacturer, so you don’t get a faulty or fake electric scooter.

Warranty: In case of any faults or accidents, you should be able to use your warranty. Choosing an electric scooter from a relatively well-known manufacturer ensures that they will be able to uphold their promise. We check each scooter to ensure that their warranty is legitimate, so trust us to look out for you.

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