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Glasgow; Paving the path towards E-scooter Trials

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, cities are moving towards better modes of transport to survive this “new normal” and maintain social distancing guidelines. Glasgow, Scotland might be one of the first Scottish cities to implement such e-scooter trials that have gained popularity all over the world.

These e-scooter trials were a part of a plan called ‘Space for Distancing’ with a funding of £3.5million grant from the Scottish. This is only a small fraction of a larger scheme to ensure that there is enough transport to support commuters in their struggle to move around the city due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Previously banned on public areas in the UK and Scotland, now both the government bodies have been pushing towards introducing these trials to test whether or not they should be legalised. Moreover, it will push the country towards a more environmentally friendly transport system.

A Transport Scotland spokesperson said: “As the popularity and prevalence of e-scooters and other forms of micro-mobility increases globally, we are keen to understand trends across a range of issues, including the safety of both the user of the scooter and other road users. We welcome the launch of the UK Government’s public consultation on how to regulate e-scooters and we will continue to monitor the outcomes to help inform future policy.”

There has been much uproar from the pedestrians and cyclists in concerns over their space overridden by these e-scooters and their safety as well. However, these concerns will be considered and proper lanes will be constructed in order to guarantee the security of locals at the city centre.Rather than looking at the short-term issues, the government must focus on creating a better future for the citizens, says Paul Williams, CEO of cycling insurance provider “Cycleplan.”

To implement their ‘Space for Distancing’ plan, the council has proposed to further expand the areas with spacious roads and pavements to allow more free movement around the city centre. A new system of car parks and pedestrian crossings will emerge.

Glasgow city centre streets with proposed wider pavements and/or cycle lanes. Picture: Glasgow City Council.

    Picture: Glasgow City Council

As the world now moves to a new era of transportation, cities and countries should become more and more open to experiment with innovations. E-scooters have proven to be a reliable mode of transportation that will further the cause for a brighter future. So don’t waste any more time, get yours today and join the revolution!

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