Dualtron Electric Scooters represent the highest quality electric scooters you can find. The are best built, most capable, and have the longest range in the market. Experience the best electric scooters in the world. Redefining transport!



Minimotors are known
for their performance,
with speeds up to 50mph!


Minimotors are known for
their off road capabilites


Range will never be an
issue, with a 75 mile range, communiting is easy
Product RANGE
Minimotors is a producer of some of the best electric scooters. Featuring Dualtron and Speedway. All Minimotors scooters have dual motors that are incredibly powerful. The Thunder and the Ultra, can reach speeds of almost 50mph and are specifically engineered to go off-road. All of the scooters have very reliable brakes, whether they are disc and ABS, hydraulic and ABS, or disc and electric. Safety is key