6 Surprising Advantages of Electric Scooters

As the number of e-scooters on the streets are increasing, you may be wondering why people are jumping on this bandwagon. There are some obvious advantages to having an e-scooter, such as being cost effective, eco-friendly and portable. But you would be surprised at some of the benefits you can enjoy by owning your own e-scooter.

Here is our list of 6 surprising advantages of owning an electric scooter:

1. Saves You Time

The portability and speed of an electric scooter contributes greatly to reducing the amount of time you might spend commuting or travelling. This is especially prevalent when stuck in traffic or walking to your nearest train station. Just imagine zipping past lines of cars during peak hours. Even in cases of emergencies, your e-scooter can come in handy.
Although, the UK hasn’t yet allowed for privately owned scooters to be operated in public places, e-scooter rental trials have begun. There has been an announcement that e-scooter trials will begin so you can try your hand at it. Moreover, these restrictions are not applicable in other surrounding countries, so you can travel using your e-scooter very easily.

2. Boosts Balance & Movement

Although it seems like balancing your body is easy, our sedentary lifestyle limits our movements. Therefore, riding an e-scooter can contribute to a better body balance and mobility. It may not be equivalent to rigorous exercise but it can help to get your body moving. This alone is more than enough to cultivate a healthier and more active lifestyle.

3. Keeps Body Fit

As previously explained, our bodies are becoming less and less mobile, which can help increase many health problems. E-scooters have become a fun and enjoyable way to commute in many countries. They have the added advantage of being accessible to those with disabilities when mainstream transport has become tedious. Plus, riding an e-scooter doesn’t put as much strain on the body as a bike or other forms of exercise.

4. Brings New Perspective

Taking your e-scooter out to travel around gives you a sense of adventure like no other. You can discover new spots that you would have never come across before. It gives you the opportunity to utilise free time which you may not have done otherwise. This further helps you live your life on your own terms. Being a part of the growing community of e-scooter riders allows you to interact with people who may share similar interests.

5. Relieves Tension

The open-air does wonders for your endorphin levels, especially if you are on your e-scooter. The chance to explore without any bounds brings about a sense of peace that is rarely felt in our busy, everyday lives. In the long run, it can further improve your mental health as well. Most of our customers agree that you feel happy and content while riding e-scooters.

6. Show Individuality

Nowadays, you can scour through thousands of eclectic designs and colours to choose an electric scooter that embodies you and your personality. Your e-scooter can represent so many facets of yourself. With so many choices, it can be hard to find one to fit your requirements. Need some help? Let us make your decision easier. Contact us to get your perfect e-scooter today or shop from our personal favourites!

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